Conductor Analysis Technologies, Inc. is a provider of market-critical data utilized by designers, manufacturers, and users of printed circuit boards.  Founded in 1994 from a technology grant from NIST and NCMS, with support from AT&T Bell Labs and Sandia National Labs, our products and services provide a standardized, independent, and documented evaluation of printed circuit manufacturing capability, quality, and reliability.

Our performance based test methodologies provide for a cost-effective and timely evaluation of via reliability used for:

  • Product acceptance
  • Supplier qualification
  • Design validation
  • Material studies
  • Process verification

By evaluating two or more processes our analysis provides the data necessary for comparison and selection allowing users to:

  • Benchmark board suppliers' capabilities
  • Perform intelligent sourcing
  • Select new suppliers
  • Ensure design for manufacturability
  • Establish realistic design rules

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